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Asus has presents an interesting new device – the Padfone hybrid. The device consists of a touchscreen smartphone and a tablet dock. The idea behind the Padfone is that data is centrally stored on the smartphone and you can seamlessly switch between the two devices.

““On its own, the phone functions conventionally, but it can also be inserted into a built-in dock on the back of the tablet. When connected, the phone effectively serves as processor for the larger screen, with all smartphone features and functions accessible on the tablet, solving the need for data transfer back and forth between devices. display switching is done automatically upon docking, so that apps and documents open on the phone will be instantly expanded onto the tablet screen. the dock also features a larger battery from which the cellphone can recharge.””

The demo unit that you see here features a 4.3 inch Android smartphone and a 10.1 inch tablet dock.

Via designboom.

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