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In auto news, Russian specialists from TopCar designed a new tuning package, Stingray GTR, sliced up for the perfect ride, the Porsche Panamera. The GTR body kit is limited to 25, making it an exclusive. On the technical end, the GTR features extensive, mechanical improvements, offering a modified version of the 4.8 liter unit that fits in the German model, now delivering around 600 horsepower provided by the new exhaust system. There is an updated version currently under development that offers over 700 horsepower.

As for style, the car has become much wider. The aerodynamic body kit shows front and rear bumpers, an integrated diffuser, a spoiler on the boot lid, redesigned doors, a new bonnet and side skirts, LED lights and a few extra features. Rear doors and wings are “visually combined” so the back door opens with a mere press of a button. The tuners also included carbon inserts, which ensure lightweight durability and Kenlar, a firm material often used for helmets. Each of the productions will be individually designed and altered for the customer’s taste. As for pricing, the GTR starts at $63, 500, not including the costs of the mechanical improvements.

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