01. The Mexican fans Ralph Lauren could do without

“Good branding is about knowing your market. Not “knowing” as in “being acquainted with”, but something much more intimate. Biblical, even. A successful brand identifies its customers, understands them, and finds out exactly which emotional buttons to push in order to wring maximum profit out of those potential purchasers.

That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway. But sometimes, the market gets away from the marketers. Take Ralph Lauren.” (Guardian)

02. Walking on Planet C

“I found out today that the iconic cultural wordsmith and musical genius Gil Scott-Heron died. I send my heartfelt condolences to his family and may he rest in peace. Only days before I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer I had a wonderful two hour call with Gil. Here’s how it came about.” (Nile Rodgers)

03. Quick Jabs: Golden Boy, Top Rank Making Up (Maybe); Big Ratings For Bernard Hopkins Vs. Jean Pascal II; Shane Mosley Needs A Big Cup Of STFU; More (Pictured)

“OK, so Oscar De La Hoya recently apologized to Bob Arum, and Arum accepted, so their respective companies, Golden Boy and Top Rank, are one step closer still to working together and ending a lengthy feud that is dragging the whole sport down. Except: Kevin Iole raised the good point here that for all the optimism in the short run, in the long run the two promotional outfits has shown little ability to truly bury the hatchet. Now I’m all pessimistic again. Even if they resume relations, you get the impression it will only be a matter of time again before Golden Boy and Top Rank are back to petty grievances.” (Queensbury Rules)

04. More influential than the Beatles; Meet George Clinton

“News of George Clinton’s hospitalisation shocked music lovers around the world this week but perhaps none more so than me, for the hospitalisation came just days after I enjoyed a 75-minute interview with George, during which he seemed to be perfectly fine.

Alarm bells sounded among funk fans after Bootsy Collins reported the news on his facebook page and asked his followers to pray for George Clinton’s recovery. Fortunately the hospitalisation wasn’t too serious – a staph infection was discovered in George’s leg as he underwent a routine check-up. He’s already checked out and is now busy preparing to embark on yet another international concert tour.” (Charles Thomson)

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