Where the runway meets the street

GQ UK has a great piece with Gay  Talese documenting his personal style in detail. So we get a look at his background, the advantages of a bespoke suit and mistakes men make in fashion. On the last point he says that:

“The biggest style mistake men make is selecting suits that are like other suits they already own. There is a sameness about men, by and large, when it comes to clothing. Look in the closet of the average corporate executive or publishing tycoon – let’s take Rupert Murdoch, for example – and what do you find? A row of suits that pretty much look like one another. A row of “business suits”, dark in color, wearable to the office for executive gatherings and conferences, and also wearable to a dinner party afterwards. Distinguished? No. Just serviceable.”

Read the full piece over at GQ.

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