01. May I suggest that Mr. Bond be armed with a revolver?

“Late-May of 1956, James Bond author Ian Fleming received a politely critical letter from a firearms expert named Geoffrey Boothroyd. It began…” (lettersofnote)

02. Photo Development in the U.S.S.R. (above)

“Nowadays it takes some minutes to print photos, it is not a problem, but previously pictures development was a laborious occupation. Today we’ll the whole printing process of the USSR times.” (englishrussia)

03. Japan: League of elder heroes volunteer to clean up Fukushima, instead of young folks

“A group of more than 200 elderly people in Japan have volunteered to help clean up the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power station, where meltdowns and messes have caused radiation leaks.” (boingboing)

04. Handwriting/Lettering Max Goldt’s L’Eglise des Crocodiles (above)

“Making of the cover artwork for the record “Max Goldt – L’Eglise des Crocodiles” by the graphic designer/calligrapher Frank Ortmann in 2011.”

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