01. All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace on BBC (above)

“Documentary auteur Adam Curtis executes his cut-up brilliance in a new television series analyzing the fallout of the technoculture we take for granted… All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace — which takes its name from Richard Brautigan’s prophetic poem — explains how humanity now sees through the dead eyes built into the machines to which we have ceded our lives.” (wired)

02. Limited-Run Solar OLED Lamp From Toshiba Distributed In Japan’s Quake Zone

“Toshiba is distributing a little OLED lamp they designed to quake-stricken areas of Japan. The device is powered by either four AAA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack that can be powered up with solar or USB power. It produces 53 lumens of light at 100% and will last two hours on AAA batteries, twenty if you take the brightness down, and several times that if you use the battery pack. A perfect disaster light, right?”(crunchgear)

03. Whale Chart

“This print is a reproduction of Matthew Fontaine Maury’s Whale Chart. Lieutenant M.F. Maury (1806–1873) was the chief the U.S. Naval Observatory and one of the most important nautical thinkers of his day. He conceived of the Whale Chart in the 1840s to aid the whaling community. Today his Whale Chart is a fascinating graphic enjoyed by many.” (coudal)

04. The real George Lucas has been imprisoned for 20 years while an impostor ran amok, making prequels

“Here’s a funny trailer for ‘George Lucas Strikes Back,’ a notional movie that supposes that George Lucas has been imprisoned for 20 years while a doppelganger cavorted around the Skywalker Ranch, making Star Wars prequels and Indiana Jones sequels. Finally, the real George escapes, and gathers an elite force and sets out to take back his identity.” (boingboing)

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