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Paul Trible and Paul Watson are two Southern Americans who share a passion for English shirting. Together, they founded Ledbury, a company based in Richmond, Virginia and on the principles of great fit and superb quality.

Their story begins at Oxford University. Trible, former lead at Operation Smile, UK and Watson, former Defense Department employee, had entered an MBA Program – dreams of shifting from non-profit life to gold lined hallways in tow. Those dreams, however, were dashed when graduation day aligned unpleasantly with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Rather than panic, Trible turned to his true love – shirts. He marched to Jermyn Street and finagled an internship with a master shirtmaker. The 7-month experience laid the seed for Ledbury, Trible’s appetite for buttons, fabrics and patterns wet and not nearly fully watered.

The brand now works with Italian fabrics and Polish manufacture (Trible spent considerable time tapping the most efficient and high quality factories – his goal of quality and affordability best met in this configuration), effectively melding the founders interest in British style, a look fitting of their Southern heritage. Their offerings extend beyond casual and office to tuxedo, each with distinct innovations like offering the perfect v at the neckline – preventing the shirt from being buttoned too high or too low in a smart casual setting – designed to distinguish Ledbury from any competitor.

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