01. In the Atomic City

“In January 1947, when I was twenty-one, I went to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, to work as a low-level physicist on a secret project, NEPA. I knew nothing about NEPA except that it was an acronym for Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft. As for Oak Ridge, I knew from accounts after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in August 1945, only that the project had produced fissionable material for the atom bomb.” (Believer).

02. Washboard Chaz: Man of a Thousand Bands

“Washboard Chaz is a lucky guy. Not everybody gets a festival named after them, but Chaz has become the iconic figurehead of one of the most interesting musical events to develop in New Orleans since the 2005 flood, the Bywater celebration called Chaz Fest. For a musician whose only equipment is a tricked-out washboard and the finger thimbles he plays it with, that’s quite an accomplishment.” (Off Beat).

03. How do you go public on a hair transplant?

“Footballer Wayne Rooney tweeted at the weekend that he had undergone hair transplant surgery, joining a growing list of celebrities who have gone public on such procedures. But how should ordinary men break the news to their friends and family?” (BBC).

04. Balloon Bench by Satoshi Itasaka (Above)

“Illusion is the main ingredient in the brilliant ”Balloon Bench”, a sculpture created by Japanese designer Satoshi Itasaka from h220430 studio.” (Yatzer).

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