We recently caught up with filmmaker Luke Monaghan to learn about the top 5 places to eat in his city of London, UK. Coincidentally he’d just finished shooting a short film on his number one pick, The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell. In this film he visits the Canadian-born, New Zealand raised Modern Pantry owner and head chef Anna Hansen. Check out the film above and continue reading for a full run down of Luke’s top five eateries.

Modern Pantry, Clerkenwell
Probably my favourite restaurant in London, I haven’t not been amazed any time I’ve eaten here. It’s amazing food served in a ‘not too stuffy’ atmosphere, the chef is pretty in demand too, with awards for her food beginning to fill up one of The Modern Pantry’s backroom cupboards. The brunch is meant to be glorious to, so when in London, book a table.

Holy Cow, Battersea
London has the best Indian food you can get outside of India, now, I must confess, I am from South West London, I haven’t ventured into all of the brilliant East London curry houses, so I have to give you what I know, Holy Cow, which is incredible. Indian food that isn’t to greasy and my point of call when I get the craving for some Indian food. Try the Murgh Kebabs and the Dansak.

Morito, Exmouth Market
The little sister of Moro, the restaurant next door, this place is my favourite tapas bar in London. Morito is more forward thinking then most, brilliant atmosphere and probably as close to you get in London as one of those ridiculously amazing hole in the wall tapas joints you would find in Madrid.

Hawksmoor, Seven Dials
Probably the best steak restaurant in London, it’s probably an idea to book a week in advance for either of their Shoreditch or Seven Dials branches. There’s not to much to write about the steaks, you can get any cut you like, at any weight, cooked perfectly. The sides are brilliant, triple cooked chips, buttered greens, mac and cheese, all of that beautiful heart clogging shit.

Yum Cha, Kentish Town
This place looks so unassuming from the outside and not that much better inside. However, the Dim Sum is brilliant and most importantly very cheap. I usually go here with my girlfriend as we attempt to make triumphant wicker replicas of the Patronas Towers with our Dim Sum boxes (or whatever you call those things).

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