01. Notes on Italy, 7

The gift that keeps on giving. (The Blue Hour)

02. Apple Newsstand
“Apple’s announcement yesterday of a version of iOS includes the Newsstand, an integrated issue/subscription purchase app for magazines and newspapers.” (Magculture)

03. Middlesex BA Graduate Showcase… Yasmin Bawa
“Last Thursday was a gluttonous feast of emerging talent as the class of 2011 stepped in to the spotlight. Before taking my seat at the highly anticipated RCA MA show I was treated to a couple of real menswear gems at the Middlesex BA show. Now, a few people doubted the feasibility of making both shows but fortunately thanks to a speedy taxi driver the seemingly impossible was possible. The reason why I pushed the possibilities was Yasmin Bawa. Regular readers should recall that we first introduced the young talent in December and were instantly dazzled by her pre collection. Since then, Bawa has completed her graduate BA at Middlesex and the collection was one of the highlights of a packed evening.” (Style Salvage)

04. Book Reviews: The Autobiographies Of Barry McGuigan And Carl Froch
“Boxing fans looking for a book to accompany them onto the beach this summer are in luck, with Ebury Publishing having released a pair of autobiographies ahead of the sunburn season, to help tide interested parties through the interminable tedium of the airport lounge.” (Queensbury Rules)

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