01. What is a Juicy Lucy?

“The Juicy Lucy (or Jucy Lucy, depending on which Minneapolis eatery you’re at) is an inside-out cheeseburger. That is to say, a burger with cheese on the inside instead of on top. What’s so innovative about that, you ask? Why not just stick with the tried-and-true?” (Food Republic).

02. A Century of Beauty & Light: The Lasting Appeal of Art Nouveau Glass

“First introduced in the latter half of the 19th century, Art Nouveau glass was a completely new kind of art form for its day. Modern, bold, original, innovative and flamboyant, the Art Nouveau style was a complete departure from the art forms of the Victorian era. Art Nouveau artisans, such as Emile Gallé, drew on the free- flowing motifs of nature to create some of the finest examples of art glass ever made.” (Skinner).

03. The Fine Points Of Albert M. Sack (1915-2011)

“In a career spanning much of the Twentieth Century, Sack, in partnership with his late brothers, Harold and Robert, defined the market for early American furniture, from its resurgence after World War II to its zenith at century’s end. The firm founded in 1905 by their father, the redoubtable Lithuanian immigrant Israel Sack, prospered in part because each brother performed his role brilliantly. As the Sack brothers themselves liked to say, “Albert buys, Harold sells and Robert delivers.” (Bee).

04. Dior 001 Gun by Atelier Ted Noten (Above)

“Dutch designer Ted Noten has created a new type of beauty product for modern women – but this isn’t your average lipstick. The Dior 001 gun discreetly hides a lip gloss, pill box, antique hairpin, USB stick and 100 gram sterling silver bar. The gun is made of a nylon body with 18 carat gold details.” (Frame).

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