01. Your Next Flight May Be Powered By Algae–And A Lot Cheaper

“Biofuel-powered aircraft have finally moved into the real world now that the U.S.-based Air Transport Association has approved a fuel blend of up to 50% organic waste and non-food material (i.e. algae and wood chips) for passenger planes. This means that the next time you take a flight, it may be powered partially by waste. So why should you care? You’re still going to be sitting in a cramped cabin and groped by TSA, right?” (fastcompany)

02. This Is Some Pretty Insane Stunt Driving by BMW Canada

“BMW Canada presents: the 1 Series M Coupe versus concrete walls. As stunt driving goes, this is some seriously bad-ass stuff. Done by ad agency Cundari (the same guys who made the 18,000-pixel banner ad) and shot by Banditos Brothers, who filmed the recent Hot Wheels jump at the Indy 500.” (adfreak)

03. Unknown Pleasures

“The poster, which in typical Saville fashion arrived too late, was not based on the prevailing punk aesthetic but on Jan Tschichold’s New Typography. As he later stated ‘I found Tschichold’s elegantly ordered aesthetic more appealing than the anarchic style of punk graphics. I found a parallel in it for the New Wave that was evolving out of Punk.’ In 1978 Wilson, along with Saville, unemployed actor Tony Erasmus, producer Martin Hannett and band manager Rob Gretton created Factory Records. The chaotic, quixotic and now legendary label set up operations in Erasmus’ home on Palantine Road in Manchester. Because no one had any idea what they were doing, “(codex > coudal)

04. Onion-Like Headlines in Real Life

A Tumblog of Greatness, and my new favorite website: “Onion-Like Headlines in Real Life.” (boing)

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