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In our latest feature, we catch up with Rob Cristofaro and Arnaud Delecolle of ALIFE to speak about their Private Property furniture collection, produced by UHURU. Kathy Grayson of The Hole sums up the initiative in the following quote:

This is not the cold customization of Koons making BMWs and Murakami making Louis Vuitton bags, where “marketing art” merges with culture. This is taking something that makes the public private (graffiti) and making it into an object that can be privately owned. It’s a morsel of design and crime: if design is the total control of your environment to make aesthetic decisions and refine your visual environment, crime is the anarchy that fucks that all up.

To learn more, read our full Alife x UHURU: Private Property feature with Rob and Arnaud of NYAD.

Also be sure to check out the NYAD Private Property microsite (by HD MADE) here.

For those interested in purchasing items from the collection, visit the auction site.

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