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We’re feeling shoey today so you get Grenson as well as Church’s. They’ve added a longwing to the collection, which is a surprise as British shoe companies tend to duff up the longwing. We also caught up with Tim Little himself to catch a few quick words on the brand, Pitti itself and his favourite shoe from his collection.

Photography: Selectism.com

Describe your brand in one sentence?
English shoes without the cobwebs

How long’s the brand existed?
Since 1866

What do you think of Pitti?
It’s good, I like it now. It’s much younger than it was 5 years ago.

Favourite bit from the collection and why?
A classic English saddle shoe upper with an ultra massive two soles stuck together. A vibram outsole in the bottom and then an EVA in the middle. It’s just a bit crazy.

Tell us something interesting about yourself, nothing to do with shoes?
I’m an enormous blues fan, I support Derby county and I’m not very interesting apart from that.

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