01. Stellas Garden Party (Pictured)

“Hi there – I was out and about yesterday in the West Village for Stella McCartney’s resort 2012 presentation. It had a bit of a fun-garden-party-meets-British-church-picnic feel to it…well, if Bono and Liv Tyler and Naomi Watts came to your church picnic…and brought a pinata with them – that’s exactly what it felt like. Here are my photos below…mostly shots of the models wearing the collection…but of course I snapped a few cute attendees as well!” (Mr Newton)

02. Human Centipede II director angered by BBFC’s ‘stiff upper lip’

“When Tom Six first learned of the British Board of Film Classification’s refusal to classify his latest film, he was overjoyed. “The BBFC helped to generate an enormous amount of publicity for my film,” said the Dutch director. “It is incredible when everyone is talking about your movie.” (Guardian)

03. What I’d say about Close Up And Private

“Wrote a feature for Grafik Magazine a while ago; pivotal moments in fashion photography and menswear.

At certain points unrelated elements collide, having a major impact on how we dress and how we view ourselves as men. Bailey’s portraits of the Krays; Bryan Ferry dressed GI style, for example.” (Garmsville)

04. Peter Schwartz: Hip-Hop’s Booking Agent

“In an era when music is predominantly downloadable (and free), hitting the road is how most artists make a living. Enter Peter Schwartz.

As a vice president at The Agency Group, in New York—one of the world’s leading booking agencies, with a roster of more than 1,000 artists—Schwartz is the booking agent for acts like Mac Miller, Big K.R.I.T., Big Boi and Method Man. With nearly two decades of experience representing hip-hop, Schwartz has earned a reputation as someone who plays an integral role in developing new talent in the music industry—booking 12 to 15 major tours a year. Within 16 months, Schwartz went from booking his breakout client Wiz Khalifa in venues holding 300 people to planning a full-fledged world tour.” (XXL)

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