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Barena have been on our radar for a while, but we haven’t delved into the brand properly until today. As you’d expect for spring range showing at Pitti, it’s a lightweight linen affair but there’s enough subtle touches and patterns to move it away from blue suited uniformity. We also caught up with one of the owners, Francesca Zara for a quick Q&A about the brand, her favourite piece from her collection her love for the countryside.

Read it and look at more of the collection after the leap.


Describe your brand in one sentence
Venetian inspired sophisticated workwear line.

How long’s the brand been around?
A long time ago my father started it. A long time ago. It’s was a very little collection and then it was a bit bigger when me, my brothers and my almost brother Massimo, who’s actually the designer, came onboard 16 years ago.

What do you think of Pitti?
We love Pitti. We’re very thankful to Pitti because we’re only here and all the customers discovered us through Pitti.

Favourite piece from the collection and why?
It’s not an easy piece. I love this [the toggle coat, pictured at the start of the post] because it has a lot of Barena inside. It’s from an old fishermans jacket from Venice lagoon. This is a jacket we found in the archives and we re-interpreted it in our way. It’s a reverse denim with toggle closures that is typical of that area in Venice.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that has nothing to do with clothing.
I love the countryside. I have some olive trees and I make my own olive oil.

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