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We’re having a bag day here, so here’s Want Les Essentiels offering at Pitti. They’ve got a new organic line and a case for the Blackberry playbook. And, because you’re be sure to ask this when you take a leap, all those iPads are dummy cases. We also had a quick chat with Dexter Peart, which you can read if you click that button.

Describe your brand in one sentence
Clean, classic, modern, functional, solutions based.

How long’s the brand been around?
6 Years

What do you think of Pitti?
Pitti’s awesome

Favourite piece from the collection and why?
The new recycled cotton. Why? Because I think the texture’s fantastic, it speaks very much to Want. We’ve always played this game of contrast between male female French English, like in the brand name, and this particular case is black and white checks mixed with a recycled cotton so it’s got a lot of dynamics.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that has nothing to do with clothing
My daughter just flew into Florence for the first time today and we’re going on holiday.

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