01. 05.30.11 (pictured)

Great photographs, have a look around. (Hearblack)

02. John Galliano faces racism trial

“The extent of British designer John Galliano’s long-term addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs is expected to emerge on Wednesday as he stands trial in Paris for racist insults against three people.” (Guardian)

03. The Unathorized story of Haitian Jack

“A can of worms was opened last week when prison inmate Dexter Issac, an associate of hip-hop mogul/gangster James “Jimmy Henchmen” Rosemon, claimed he was paid by Henchmen to rob Tupac at Quad Studios in 1994.” (Spizzyblog)

04. Drake Simps Again

“A few months ago, I asked for help understanding the masses’ love for Drake. I recognize there’s a generational disconnect between he and I, but still…it can’t be that huge. I’m not that old.

I am old enough that I don’t keep up with the kids musically anymore, so today was the first time I listened to “Marvin’s Room.” Suckas are in style, ha? Whiskey.Tango.Foxtrot, people?” (Bomani Jones)

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