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Freshjive has produced ‘The History of Man’, a video to promote the brand’s new collection for Summer 2011:

“L. Ron Hubbard gave his son Nibs some amphetamines, and Nibs started talking, he said, started really going talking fast, from the speed. And he kept talking, he kept talking, and his dad kept giving him speed and all of a sudden he was talking about his history, when he was a clam and all these different situations in early Earth. And out of that came History of Man.” – Jim Dincalci, L. Ron Hubbard’s Medical Officer from “Secret Lives: L. Ron Hubbard”, in a 1997 channel 4 special.

The collection itself has a strong stripe aesthetic throughout, with chambray stripes, twill stripes, engineered blocked stripes, printed stripes and tonal stripes all making an appearance.

See images from the Freshjive summer lookbook after the jump.

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