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Eyewear brands incorporating wood into their frames is not exactly new anymore, but certainly one of the strongest trends in that product category that we are seeing these last months. Some do it better and this week we came across Drift Eyewear’s new Timber Collection, which we like a lot.

First of all we like the fact that not the entire frame is worked from wood, but that the wood is rather used where is makes most sense. The handmade frames use sustainable, locally sourced woods and feature a patent pending stell core, which makes sure that the glasses are both robust and have an optimal weight distribution on all touching points with the face. Fragility is certainly an issue when it comes to wooden eyewear frames and Drift nicely takes that issue out of the equation. The founder’s architectural background certainly helped here.

Today we present the new Drift Timber Collection, consisting of three frames, which are all crafted from salvaged hardwood sourced from different locales. “The dark brown wood for Truss comes from designer Daniel Grady Faires, who painstakingly removed the timber from a renovated building in NYC’s Meatpacking District. Nail Hole’s raw aesthetic is inspired by a collaboration with designer Jessica Park of Seattle’s shop-slash-gallery space Coming Soon, while Whitewash’s frames are devised from a vintage picket fence rescued by Chicago-based artist Raun Myn.”

Each frame comes limited to 100 pieces and should be available soon from Drift dealers.

A further look at the frames follows after the jump.

Via Coolhunting.

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