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Baltimore music producer, recording artist, DJ, and Milkcrate clothing designer Aaron LaCrate recently teamed up with Dipset’s Jim Jones on his new summer single “Everybody Jones.” We caught with with Aaron to learn more about the project, as well as check out his new Milkcrate Bespoke Nike Air Force 1.

Jim Jones ft Aaron LaCrate – Everybody Jones (MILKCRATE ANTHEM) by milkcratenyc

How did you first meet Jim Jones?

Thanks man, we met a few times over the years. I booked him for my YoYo party in NYC back in 2008 and I’m friendly with a bunch of people in his camp. I was DJing a party and Jim was there hanging out by the DJ booth, we spoke a bit and he jumped on the mic, the rest is history.

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Where did the idea for the hook/beat come from?

I have been working on my new CD called “Ignorant Art,” and I had the t-shirt and song idea for Jim Jones, it was a collaboration between my brand Milkcrate Athletics and Jim Jones, called Everybody Jones. The whole concept was about our two brands teaming up and having the streets in a frenzy, or fiending or Jonsing for what we do, but also creating a new slang for both Jim and everyone to Jones about. Just showing the LaCreativity firing on all levels.

Milkcrate has made some legendary official collabo’s with music icons like Jay Z, but you’re calling this the “first ever streetwear collabo song turned rap hit” can you elaborate on this?

When Jim and I started discussing this project it was about making a collabo t-shirt with Milkcrate, so we were both approaching the project from a specific mind set, and lifestyle. The song Everybody Jones was meant to be for my CD, and meant to accompany the Milkcrate t-shirt, Jim ended up liking the concept so much that he wanted it to be the single on his new cd CAPO. So, yes id say this is the first time that a streetwear designer like my self produced a streetwear anthem / collaboration that’s been a hit record, with the video on MTV and song on Hot 97, We’ve raised the bar once again for what can be done with street culture, but that’s what we been doing at Milkcrate.

How do collaborative projects factor into your business?

I only collaborate for fun with people that are some how connected to Milkcrate, so far we been lucky enough to design official collabs for pop culture icons of the game. I think that says alot about our brand.

What key changes have occurred in your industry over the past few years?

Street wear has gone mainstream but in a more fashionable way with the younger generation. The taste, style, and aesthetic especially in the USA has caught up more with the international style of Europe and Japan, a lot of cliche’s in style have been broken down to be replaced with new ones, but a least theres been change and leveling out on a global level.

How does your local community influence your work?

I deal with so many people in so many different walks of life, from so many different styles but it does not effect my work. Im on a mission from God, my core influences were set during the early days of street style, as those styles don’t die.

How does the Internet affect what you do?

The global community of ideas.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Being able to create and combine art, music, and fashion while shaping pop culture.

What are your top 3 sneakers of all time and why?

Nike – AF1 – cuz b-more saved this shoe and it probably the most classic shoe ever
Adidas – Patrick Ewing 88 – cuz we used to skate in these, good ankle support
Nike – Agassi Air Tech Challenge 91 – I had 4 pairs of these in 1991, both colorways were splashy.

Tell us about your AF1 Bespoke.

Israel “Issy” Mateo from Nike 21 Mercer – said and I quote, these Milkcrate Nike AF1 VIP Bespokes designed by Aaron LaCrate are in my top 3 of all time.. Now thats bigtime…

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