Scottish designer Nick Ross shares news of his latest work –

Young Scottish designers Nick Ross and Fraser Reid have created a series of unique chairs, each altered from a set of identical archetypes.

A project with inspiration derived from evolution and the implication of man’s hands within it. Akin to the concept of artificial selection these chairs take on new identities via the hand of man. Through this fluid process a never-ending variety of forms, colours, materials and functions can be created allowing a very free working platform which evolves over time.

Unlike the design process nature cannot start from a blank canvas but instead must work with what already exists to try and develop improved variants in what is a constant development process. Nature contains no finished articles but instead is populated with passable ‘work in progresses’.

This project is seen as a way of looking between the line which has been drawn between the working methods of man and that of nature.

View more images and details of the project after the jump.

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