01. Designer Babble

“Parlez vous design? It’s sometimes embarrassing the way that designers prostrate themselves—and the English language—in their promotional material. It may be true that some clients (or prospective clients) don’t have a good grasp of what design is, but most have eyes. During the nascent period of graphic design, around the mid-1920s, all that a commercial artist in one of the many promotional annuals had to say was “Jeanne Doe, calligraphy, layout, illustration,” and the point was made (in part because the services were being bought by agencies or art directors, not directly by clients). Today, with non-design clients being more active in the hiring process, something called design philosophy has become the basis of a new patois. Philosophy is fine, but when it turns to sophistry—beware!” (Daily Heller).

02. Arsenal board ready to sell Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona

“Arsenal are prepared to sell Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona if the two clubs can agree a price for the Spanish midfielder, BBC Sport has learned.” (BBC).

03. I’m Your Mixologist

“Hey, fella. Looks like you’ve had a rough day. You can tell me your troubles about ten minutes from now, after I’ve finished reviewing our extensive original cocktail list. My signature creation is off the menu but—” (McSweeney’s).

04. Watts Towers Conservation Project (Above)

“Owned by the State of California and managed by the City of Los Angeles, The Watts Towers are a National Historic Landmark and one of the most widely recognized works of art to come out of Southern California in the last century.” (LACMA).

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