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Last Thursday artist Wes Lang presented an interesting body of work at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles. Produced while being in residence at the hotel for an entire month at the room 34, he provides a visual journal of his stay.

“Inspired by the history, virtue, and ambiance of the Chateau, and as a tribute to Martin Kippenberger’s ‘Hotel Drawings,’ Lang created a suite of over 30 delicately involved works, each with the Chateau Marmont‘s classic logo visible, and some including small printed text, compliments of the Hotel: “In Residence: Mr. Wes Lang.” With imagery ranging from bird illustrations, reminiscent of vintage wildlife plates as in Time Will Tell, 2011, to meticulously rendered nude or partially nude women, to almost exact replications of the Hotel’s logo in pencil and acrylic, to somewhat morbid depictions including skeletons and skulls, these drawings both demonstrate the artist‘s range of visual interests and his technical aptitude.”

Photography: Brandon Shigeta

Take a look at the one day exhibition at the hotel after the jump.

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