Last week at NYEHAUS, an ambitious concept show launched featuring work by Alex Olson, Steve Olson, Yaniv Evan, Bob Recine, Curtis Kulig, and Phil Frost. Their collective brand of lawless art is fueled by counter and subcultural connections (skate, surf, etc.) branded against the swell of the corporate tide. Father and son, Alex and Steve Olson both blend skate and punk with their choice of media – Alex working in photo collage and his father presenting his trademark text work. The duo are complimented by Bob Recine’s fascinating mixture of popular culture media and real human hair. His are assemblages that prompt questions about fashion and self. Yaniv Evan provides vintage styled hand-painted signs and a magnificent motorcycle. Curtis Kulig, famed for his LOVE ME sculpture, adds his peculiar twist, and finally Phil Frost’s fantastic patterned work rounds out the firm.

Originally envisioned as a solo showing for Steve Olson, the artist has instead smartly curated a group show that offers distinct takes on art with the same aim. Not to be missed.

Olson, Olson, Recine and Associates runs through July 29, 2011.

358 W. 20th Street, #2
New York, NY 10011

Dante Ross has produced an interview video with Steve Olson exclusively for Curated. Like the photography, the video was shot and edited by the talented Alexander Richter. The interview, and a complete look at the exhibition, after the jump.

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