01. Controlling the Living Room: Television Viewing on Game Consoles

“If any device underneath your television has the potential to become the mythical convergence black box where all media come together, it could be your video game console. Or at least, that is what Microsoft and Sony are hoping.” (FlowTV).

02. World’s Best Design Hotels

“The first design hotels sprang to life in the 1980s, when Ian Schrager opened the landmark Morgans Hotel and the Royalton Hotel, both in New York. The properties offered chic and intimate lodging for guests more interested in a buzzing, social lobby and hotel bar scene than the austere Four Seasons and Fairmonts of the day. Now, more than two decades later, the term “design hotel” has been so overused and abused that it’s difficult to know exactly what it means.” (Departures).

03. Delicious and Nutritious Fruit and Veggie Tattoos (Above)

“It’s summer, and you know what that means: fresh food is in abundance, and it’s never tasted better. Farmer’s markets are exploding with organic goodness and all we want to do is while away the hours next to a pitcher of iced tea and a quart of plump strawberries. Summer is the perfect combination of skin-bearing opportunities and fresh produce availability, so maybe it makes sense that we’ve been seeing a ton of fruit and vegetable-related tattoos this year. As a tribute to the warmer months and all the market salads we have been consuming, click through to see our gallery of fruit and veggie tattoos. Maybe it will inspire your next bout of body art, or maybe it will inform your dinner, but either way, we think it’s sweet and delicious.” (Flavorwire).

04. The Sportstorialist: Djokovic, Jeter and Fowler

“It’s a fair question: Have we entered the Djokovic era? Since late last year, Novak Djokovic is 48-1. In this run, he’s beaten Andy Murray, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal three, four, and five times. Sunday, after losing the Wimbledon final and the no. 1-ranking to Djokovic, Nadal admitted that his Serbian usurper now holds the keys to a piece of prime real estate: Nadal’s psyche. How’s that for a sudden turn of events? Just as we were thoroughly enjoying the epic poetic case study that was Federer-Nadal, along comes this guy, who partially attributes his surge to a new gluten-free diet.” (Grantland).

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