I’ve been sitting on this headphone review for a minute. The reason is that most headphones require at least 20-40 hours of playthrough to get the very best sound from them. In head-fi geek circles, it is called the “burn in.” Today, I can report that the Sennheiser HD 558, the latest model in Sennheiser’s “audiophile” category has burned in splendidly.

A step up from the incredibly popular and affordable, Sennheiser 555, the 558 brings just a touch more response in areas that many consumer consider important: bass and clarity. Like the Sennheiser 555, the 558 can be driven by just about any output device: from the iPhone, iPad, to your mobile, desktop computer, and beyond. While it may not come with the right-angle 3.5mm jack found on more portable models, there is an adapter for easy plug-in.

I am often asked what headphone model I recommend for someone taking a step up from their white earbuds. At just around $170, the Sennheiser 558 is a very strong contender in the sub $200 market. Again, with no additional amplification needed, the 558 will bring you a clarity unlike the stock earbuds that came with your mobile device in a full-sized open air headphone.  The all-black finish is a major plus as well. – Jeff

Yes, that is an iPhone photo above.

Photography: Selectism.com

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