Tune in and turn up

You can see that we’re very excited about the Spotify launch in the U.S.A. Here’s some of our favorite Spotify helper links. Dig in.

01. Top 5 Spotify Home Systems: From Apple to Zeppelin

“You can now play over 15 million Spotify songs on your computer for free in this country — partially because Spotify counts on the fact that if you get addicted to listening to music and building playlists on the service, you’ll want to play those playlists and listen to that music on other devices: your smartphone and your home stereo.” (evolver)

02. Pitchify

Take all those great Pitchfork reviews and get links to them in Spotify. (pitchify)

03. Spotify Has Some Celebrity Friends In High Places

“Britney Spears Tweeted about her excitement for Spotify to arrive yesterday afternoon, and followed up with a message this morning with invites for the service. Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor (who also wrote the score for The Social Network), Tweeted “Finally! Spotify is coming to the US. I’ve been using this for a while and it’s great.” Like Spears, Reznor generously followed up with free invites for followers.” (mashable)

04. New Service Offers Music in Quantity, Not by Song

“After nearly two years of stop-start negotiations with record labels, Spotify was preparing to finally open in the United States. With less than 48 hours before its planned start, however, the company still had not completed its final major label deal, with the Warner Music Group.” (nyt)

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