In our new EGO BOOST series, we’ll be catching up with people from in and around the industry to get their take on life and whatever else we feel chatting about. Ray Mate of Mighty Healthy (who we recently made some caps with) is our first lucky candidate.

New York is unlike any city in the world because….. Everyone here is angry about some shit—Knicks suck, Weather sucks, Economy sucks, Yankess are awesome. The city never sleeps, bro. You can disappear over here. You have to live here for a while to appreciate it. That’s why I can’t leave this place.

My life would have been totally different if….. I didn’t quit my day job. Some dude made a racial slur toward my Asian heritage and I decided not to punch him in the face and walked out. Life has been a pretty fun ride ever since.

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I got my first lucky break when….. Streetwear finally started getting shine during the early years of the Campgrounds at the Magic Trade Show. We were some of the newer brands that were highlighted in the show

I’m so sick of seeing….. Guys dressed up like they were in the show, Happy Days. Dudes that think they were in the movie, The Outsiders. The whole boat shoe and I am a fisherman steez. I make fun of it, but I fall in this category too. Oh and bloggers that think they’re celebs. Stoops.

The best T-shirt graphic I ever saw was….. Alife made a shit that just said, “Suck My Dick”

When I want to get pumped I throw on my ipod and listen to….. Black Sabbath, Beastie Boys, The Smiths

Mighty Healthy is….. The real shit. Everything is natural

Whenever I travel to Europe I always….. I didn’t go because I just had a son. My son is way better than Europe, bro.

If you want to achieve your goals you’ve got to….. Find a way or make one.

I define success as….. If you’re happy with yourself and you have good friends and strong family you’ve won! Money is great, but what’s money when you have no one to share it with.

Interview: Cullen Poythress
Photo: Peter Pabon

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