01. Interview: English Frank

“Live Magazine Music Editor Leanne talks to Grime MC English about how growing up in Brixton shaped his music career, his lyrical content, experiences of drugs and crime, his Feel The Realness movement and his opinions on other grime artists.” (Live Magazine).

02. Pop and Punk Drawings by Marc Brandenburg (Above)

“The artist Marc Brandenburg (*1965 in Berlin) has recently emerged as one of the best-known draftsmen of his generation. Affected by the pop and punk culture, Brandenburg documents aggressions, excesses and social exclusions in his graphite drawings as a reality of today’s society. His works are images of a subversive nightlife, portraits or extremely zoomed-in details of ordinary objects. These images seem to be harmless but turn to become symbols of experienced violence and power. Velocity and movement are the most recurrent motives of Brandenburgs works. His models are own photos and images. He alters them into negatives by dissecting them in a complex copying process. Also the technical results of this copying process are part of the artwork at the end: A free hand drawing.” (Art Daily).

03. SuperStadium / Alan Lu

“A proposal for an Olympic complex for Harbin’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, SuperStadium, designed by Alan Lu, seeks to integrate the multitude of Olympic arenas and villages into one continuous entity. Consequently, this design allows for a seamless transition between programs and events. More images and project description after the break.” (ArchDaily).

04. Tom Hardy takes on Al Capone in Cicero

“Harry Potter director David Yates is set to direct the film for Warner Bros, which is rumoured to be the first of a franchise. If so, it will likely cover Capone’s childhood in New York, his teenage years as a member of the infamous Five Points Gang and his move to the southside Chicago suburb of Cicero, where he made millions running illegal speakeasies during Prohibition.” (Guardian).

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