01. Summerjob: Rap (Pictured)

Our life summed up in one picture. [Gingerland Comics]

02. Randall Grahm on Wine

“The Californian winemaker gives us a fabulously eclectic reading list for understanding and enjoying the world of wine” (The Browser)

03. Famous for the wrong book

“Why is it that the book for which an author is best known is rarely their best? If history is the final judge of literary achievement, why has a title like Louis de Bernières’ Captain Corelli’s Mandolin risen to the top, overshadowing his much better earlier novels such as Señor Vivo and the Coca Lord? It’s not, I hope, the simple snobbery of insisting that the most popular can’t be the finest. (After all, who would dispute that Middlemarch is George Eliot’s peak? … You would? Great, there’s a space for you in the comments below.)” (The Guardian)

04. Looking hard with a book

“With reference to my recent foray into the mini-ghetto between QPR FC and The BBC armed only with a Nineteenth century novel in paperback, my literary and language advisor has brought these paintings to my attention. It would seem that books need to be teamed with head gear if any sort of agro’ assertion is to be achieved.” (Style and Error)

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