David B. Smith Gallery hosts a new body of work by Regan Rosburg from July 22, 2011.

Artist statement –

Plants that grow at the lowest level of a forest have adapted to utilize the minimal light that filters down through the canopy of taller trees above them. These plants, seedlings, saplings, trees and herbs are collectively known as the forest’s “understory.” They have evolved through patience and persistence. On walks through the cathedral-like deciduous forests of Northeast Tennessee, I am often inspired by this humble network of determined species that hugs the ground. Hope is found in the understory.

This body of work exhibits a removal of boundaries, where animals and plants interact, overlap, and dissolve into each other. Studying these paintings, the viewer becomes the invisible audience, privileged to observe plants, animals, and insects adapting to the challenges of our time. To illustrate this, I’ve personified them as stoic, effectual heroes assuming stewardship of the environment. “The Understory” is also a play on words, a story beneath a story, a fantasy behind reality. A closer look at each work reveals imbedded objects collected from the forest floor near my home.

The decision to utilize resin in my work is not only an aesthetic preference, but also a social commentary. Aesthetically, resin allows me to create a complex, “false” environment. Reminiscent of ancient tree amber, my paintings are moments in time, halted in plastic. However, plastic is a highly over-produced, largely mismanaged material. Because of this, I have gone to great lengths to understand, responsibly manage, and respect this medium.

The show runs to August 20, 2011.

David B. Smith
1543 A Wazee Street
Denver, CO 80202

A selection of Rosburg’s work follows.

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