We continue our EGO BOOST series, this time chatting with the new Brixton Art Director Jason Lee. Be sure to check out the Brixton Fall 2011 video here below as well:

The best part about nineties hip hop is………
the simplicity and soul of what rap music was.

The best part about being an amateur photographer is…..
I don’t have to worry about messing up a photo. They’re all bad.

More words follow after the click.

Fedoras are acceptable to wear when…….
The hat doesn’t make the person, the person makes the hat.

The biggest difference between NYC and Southern California is…….
The deli’s. Few and far between out here.

Life as a art director for a company like Brixton is…….
being involved in not just print, but also photo and video projects.

When I’m not busy designing, I’m……..
trying not to lose my kickflips.

The harshest insult I ever got was……
“Hey, you look just like (insert any Asian actor here).”

The best new trend is……..
the influx and appreciation of hand made goods.

The worst new trend is…….
rolled up pants. I’m down for high-waters, but some people take it too far.

When I need artistic inspiration I usually……
Get out of Southern California.

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