Tune in and turn up

I’m actually a fan of many of the remaster releases for LP release anniversaries. I’m actually anxiously awaking the “Achtung Baby” remaster which has to drop this year to be in line with the album’s 20th. Same year U2 dropped what I consider to be their most essential record, Nirvana clearly came onto the broader scene with their signing onto Geffen and the release of “Nevermind.”

The only issue is that Universal’s press release does not list who exactly remastered the new reissue. We hope whomever did the work keeps the sonics foremost. Boxset fanatics will of course love the Deluxe Edition that comes with a remastered version of the album as well as a second disc filled with b-side (most of which were actually fantasic). The full Deluxe Super Edition supports a bunch more include a live DVD show shot at the Paramount Theatre on Halloween night in 1991 and bonus discs galore.

What I am not usually a fan of is new mixes of classic records (Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten‘ may be a rare exception that shines sonically in its new form). Knowing Vig, this new Devonshire Mix of “Nevermind” with bring out the instrumentation a bit more without losing the fuzz that makes the record what it is.

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