01. Amanda Merten, Brooklyn NY

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02. Weekend Afterthoughts On Amir Khan’s Place, The Tally Of Low Blow KOs And More

“Maybe Bernard Hopkins “will never lose to a white boy,” but he’ll pal around with one. At the Amir Khan-Zab Judah bout over the weekend, Hopkins shared a laugh twith his old rival Joe Calzaghe, the man at whom Hopkins famously directed that racially inflammatory rhetoric.” (Queensbury Rules)

03. Wayne Hemingway – The Bowie Gig That Changed My Life

“Fashion designer and Red Or Dead founder Wayne Hemingway recalls the turning point in his adolescence which switched him onto youth culture, the nightclubs of Blackburn, and style.” (The Quietus)

04. Miranda July

“As I waited in the hotel lobby, looking over my questions for Miranda July, I realized that the questions I had written down were not questions at all, but merely statements of how I liked her new film, The Future. The truth is it’s really hard to interview someone you’re a fan of, someone you look up to. With people like July, you want to ask a million questions that all revolve around the one basic question: how’d you do it? There are a lot people who talk about their struggle with finding success and staying true to themselves, but for someone like Miranda July that isn’t really the struggle because she’s found success by staying true to herself because that’s the only way she knows how. And those are the people you want to get advice from.” (Letter to Jane)

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