Bringing together some 500 images—including most of artists’s boxes, as well as their details in painting, drawing, and sculpture— Charles Matton: Enclosures invites readers  into the intimacy of his creative universe.

Charles Matton was a painter, draftsman, sculptor, photographer, filmmaker, and writer. Haunted by the “urgent mystery” of appearances, he employing a diverse set of media to explore several themes. Many of these were drawn from his immediate environment – be it his apartment or local pool – and all became objects of experimentation. Charles Matton’s boxes—created using a vast range of techniques— are artistic microcosms, part of his “strategy of encirclement” which fit together in the coherent complexity of his body of work.

Sylvie Matton is a writer, scriptwriter, journalist, and author of novels such as the best seller Rembrandt’s Whore. Paul Virilio, urbanist and philosopher, is an emeritus professor of architecture at the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. Virilio provides the forward to the book, Matton an intimate essay.

© CHARLES MATTON: Enclosures by Sylvie Matton, Flammarion, 2011.

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