From Rad Collector – “This teaser for the éS x Macho Tail Drop Manwolf collabo will make your day. That’s a promise. “All this for some shoes?!””

Credits follow.

Kick to Kill by Corey Adams & Alex Craig

Music – SERVE Audio
Sound design – Eric Paul
Sound Mix – Brody Ratsoy
Man Wolf Costumes – Monika Valyi
Explosion – Brent FX & Val
Rick’s Makeup – Kyla Tremblay
Executive Producer – Seb Palmer

John J Mackie – Man Wolf leader
Rick McCrank – Blair Stanley
John Rattray – The Doctor

The Man Wolfs –
Mike Prior
Will Howell
Hernan Kahs
Eric Devro
Colin Nogue
Zach Barton
Jamer Dudemon
Sheldon Meleshinski
Jeffro Halliday
Jared Valentine
Brett Gifford
Graham Nicholas
Dave Levington
Dave Hoffman
Xavier Burt
Nathan Wayne Funk
Harvey Foster
Tyler Lepore
Jesse Cochrin
James Scrivano
Wayne Morhart
Christian Betancor-Leon

And –
Evan Haines
Lo Pace
Craig Trudeau
Saz Dee Craig
Miki Heaps
Katherine Horseman
Adrian Preece
& William Bodine

Special thanks –
Mike Prior
Hernan Edwardo Kahs
William Howell II
Oliver Linsley
Korey Lucas
Ja Pace
Mahsa Pazhouh
Natalia Campos
Pancho Pace
Luka Zander Craig
Panos Cosmatos
Craig Trudeau
JP Valdes
Simon Redkop
Bobby Worrest
Mike Manzoori
Gordon Nicholas
The Hoffman Residence

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