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Following my rant on the delay of this remaster issue, today announces the 20th anniversary edition of “Achtung Baby.” “Twenty Years of ‘Achtung Baby'” will be available in five editions running from the super-limited edition Uber Deluxe that includes 6 CDs (including what looks to be a remaster of “Zooropa,” the follow-up to “Achtung Baby” and a load of b-sides and re-edits), 4 DVDs, 5 7inch records of all the “Achtung Baby” singles, 16 art prints, two books, a pair of “The Fly” sunglasses, and much more.

The other four editions, including the Super Deluxe Edition, are more toned downed to the CDs and DVDs only with the exception of the “Vinyl Box Set” which is sure sell out instantly. The 2 CD Deluxe Edition should be more than fine for most fans.

At the moment you can pre-order from Amazon in the UK and USA only.

Bigger looks after the click.

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