New York’s PPOW gallery is home to the upcoming exhibit “Magic for Beginners” that includes artists Bas Jan Ader, Olaf Breuning, Jennifer Cohen, Scott Hug, Kevin Lips, Niall McClelland, Jesse McLean, Kristie Muller, Rbt. Sps and Brent Stewart. The works on display conjure feelings of confused recognition and inward questioning, as each work is something mentally tangible, but is presented in a way that is a skewed from reality in one way or another.

“These works are, in some instances, similar to an occult experience or an exercise in ritualized revelation. The art object is often left over from actions performed in service of an impossible quest, or crafted in playful celebration of it.”

The exhibit runs through August 26.

PPOW Gallery
535 W 22nd St., 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011

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