In celebration of its 58th issue, which celebrates them theme of color, Arkitip selected a group of artists to create whatever they wanted to using supplied Comex color.

“Artists will use the magazine as a medium to give the viewer a closer look at their created works. The selected artists were encouraged to dig deeper into their process to showcase the inner workings of their creations. The culmination of these efforts will spread across multiple Arkitip platforms.

Along with the printed issue edition we have shot a series of Chronicles to document the artist’s processes.  To round out the project, the release will be celebrated with installations of the featured artists created works at Project Space, in Los Angeles.”

Contributing artists include Aaron De La Cruz, Anthony Lister and Skypager. The opening reception is August 11, from 7-10p.m.

Project Space
603 North La brea Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90036

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