Although a product like AXE Excite would not be something you would usually find on our pages, we were interested to learn recently that AXE Excite was actually created by the Swiss perfumery house, Firmenich. Co-created by Pierre Negrin, Frank Voekl, and Harry Fremont, a powerhouse trio of perfumers responsible for fragrances by the likes of Marc Jacobs, Three as Four for Colette, Oscar De La Renta, Chantecaille, Dior, Calvin Klein, Polo and many, many more, we were intrigued that AXE had enlisted perfumer royalty to create a product with an intended mass audience. AXE invited us to Firmenich’s headquarters and laboratories in midtown Manhattan to talk to Pierre, Frank, and Harry and gain an inside perspective to what goes into creating a fragrance irregardless of its price point. We think you’ll be as fascinated as we were at the blend of science and artistry involved. Enjoy!

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