Media coverage has continuously surrounded the ongoing war in the Middle East, but meanwhile, the drug war in Mexico continues to rack up death tolls now nearing 30,000. “Frontera,” now showing through August 28 at Museion, is a reflection on the dramatic scale of drug trafficking in Mexican society.

Teresa Margolles employs a simple but effective method of conveying emotional disparity, death and tragedy by using walls from Mexico where real drug-related executions took place. Margolles uprooted the walls from Mexico and rebuilt them in Bolzano. The exhibit also displays the works Plancha and  Cubo (2010), a minimalist cube weighing a ton made out of iron from reinforced concrete taken from demolished buildings.

By taking these concrete representations of corruption and death and placing them in a museum, the viewer is forced to face the reality of a war with a large number of innocent lives in its number of losses.

Via Dante, 2
39100 Bolzano, Italy
0471 223411

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