01. DIY Dining Table

“After completing my first DIY desk using hairpin legs, I instantly dreamed about making a round dining table. I had to wait months until we moved, but I never stopped daydreaming about how perfect it would be, and even started buying supplies before we moved into the new place.” (For Me, For You)

02. Glodeane and Barry

“I miss Glodeane. As Barry White’s muse and inspiration for a number of years, the Long Beach, California, native, along with her sister, Linda, developed their skills as vocalists in the church choir before meeting up with their third–Linda Taylor. Together, the girls worked as the Croonettes, making their way as best they could in a world where there was no shortage of black, girl singers, until providence arrived in the form of blue-suited, big-chested, and marcelled Barry White (1944-2003). The ultimate impresario signed them to a deal, and produced two of the most unforgettable soul records of the nineteen-seventies: “Walking In The Rain (With The One I Love),” And “I Belong To You.” (Et Als)

03. Ghostface Killah Sues Universal

“Last month, we reported that TV composer Jack Urbont was suing Ghostface Killah because Ghost’s 2000 album Supreme Clientele allegedly unlawfully sampled “The Iron Man Theme”, which Urbont wrote for the 1960s TV show “The Marvel Super-Heroes”. At the same time as Ghost fends off that lawsuit, he’s filing one of his own. Billboard reports that Ghost is suing the Universal Music Group for unpaid royalties.” (Pitchfork)

04. Dennis Rodman to Enter Hall of Fame Via Helicopter

“Earlier this week, there was a bit of a letdown when we learned that Dennis Rodman would be on his best behavior during his Hall of Fame ceremony. But fear not, the event will not be a bore.

It will be featuring Dennis Rodman after all, as the headliner no less.” (Slam Online)

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