From the ground up

For our next Ego Boost segment we catch up with Supra Designer Josh Brubaker (we we previously spoke to with Chad Muska about the Skytop 3)

My mother always told me… if I got a girl pregnant she would kill me. (when I was in high school)

The easiest way to blow it is to… get a girl pregnant in high school.

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Inspiration usually comes when… I’m at my crib.

Designing the Skytop III was… fun.

The harshest thing about designing footwear all day is… sitting in a chair all day.

If I wasn’t designing shoes, I’d probably be… I don’t even know.

Working with Chad Muska is… an honor.

The easiest way to get frustrated is… forgetting to eat meals.

Skateboarding motivates me when… I actually do it.

Nothing makes me more nostalgic than listening to… The Misfits.

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