“In July 2010, the Brooklyn-based street art collective FAILE installed their much awaited Temple Project in the heart of Lisboa, Portugal. Having spent years tagging the streets of various cities, FAILE has developed an acute awareness of our urban settings, and this Temple is a masterful display of the site specificity of their oeuvre.

“Right in the middle of Restauradores Square in Lisboa, FAILE married pop art with antiquity in what appeared to be an ancient ruin. Described as ‘camouflaged in plain sight,’ the design allowed people to engage and interact with the work on their own terms. The artists have always been interested in the notion of visual time travel. Throughout their work, their subtle references to 1986, the year the Space Shuttle Challenger launched and crashed, seek to tug at our subconscious, providing just enough of a visual cue to trigger the emotional reconstruction of a past moment.”

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via architizer

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