Lifetime has been producing beautiful short movies to introduce their new collections for a while. The same is true for Spring/Summer 2012. Today the brand releases ‘The Trip’.

“When ten human beings cram their bodies and belongings into a van and embark on a weeklong journey into the desert, you can be sure the trip will represent something slightly different for everyone: adventure, relaxation, or even a romance produced by lack-of-sleep.

But at least they can all agree on one thing: that Lifetime shoots will inevitably go as unplanned and strangers will soon become family.

Mixing poetry and music, this film tells the story of four kids whose desire to escape the daily grind results in a weeklong voyage into the red sands of Arizona.

Tired of work, with big dreams of play, our group is overcome by the longing for a new place to roam, jump, dance and camp out. This is Salazar’s vision of bliss, a portrait of the road and a love letter to the crazy adventures that Lifetime can’t help but attract.

The story is split in 2. Where Part 1 mirrors the home movie, full of climactic moments and candid gems, Part 2 explores the land and all the escapist madness it generated.”

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Directed by: Salazar
Styled & Cast by Mila Franovic

Hair/Makeup: Shannon Reynolds


David Adrian Mattatall (Rad Kids)
Miki Heaps (Rad Kids)
Hamish Olding at Key Model Managment
Siouxsie Gletzer (Rad Kids)

Captain/Executive Producer/Pied Piper: Trevor Fleming

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