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Founded in 2009, Mors is based in the UK and manufactures handmade shoes in Europe. The brand is run by Jonathan Morss.

Where are you from?


How did you start?

I was a shoe designer for a big sports brand. I got made redundant, so I decided to start my own thing.

What are the key features of your brand?

The shoes are handmade in Europe. I use really small factories. You can see the hand of the maker, where the patterns have been cut. All the personal details are there. I tend to use Italian leathers and some elk leather as well.

What’s it like being part of PROJECT 10?

It’s been great to meet other people and brands in similar situations. Seeing their products and hearing their ideas is terrific. Obviously, it also helps with the buyers because of the creditability of both Selectism and PROJECT. It has allowed us to be in a show we might otherwise not be part of.

Finally, what is your favorite thing about Vegas?

Seeing the variety of people here. It is an interesting cross section of society. It is certainly an interesting place.

Photography by Pete Williams for Selectism.

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