A solo exhibition from Japanese artisti Yoskay Yamamoto will open September 10 and show through October 1 at LebBasse Projects. From the gallery:

The show continues from where Yamamoto left off in 2010 by exhibiting both painting and sculptural work. While the show doesnʼt focus on a specific theme, it continues the intimate statements of self- expression that began in his last series of exhibitions. The freedom in the new work allows Yamamoto to create a deeper variety in both emotion and expression than his previous few shows.

The title of the exhibit, Picking Up Where We Left Off, references the time Yamamoto was able to spend with his family earlier this year – it had been more than eight years since he had seen his brother. Yamamoto was relieved that they were all able to reconnect as if no time had passed. This reconnection with family has inspired Yamamotoʼs new paintings and sculptural works.

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