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New innovation in watch making does not happen very often and when it happens, the outcome in terms of look sometimes seems to progressive. Today we present the new Devon ‘Tread 1’ watch, featuring a patent pending system of interwoven time belts.

“The belt assemblies are mounted on a central chassis, which allows for the perfect clearance of the moving parts and also creates the illusion that the parts are floating within the case. Four extremely compact microstep motors drive the movement of the four belts with efficiency, exacting power and steadfast accuracy.

The lubricant-free pulley system moves freely thanks to the integration of jeweled bearings. The temperature-compensated crystal provides data to the onboard microprocessor that drives the four microstep motors.

The five-piece case design is made from high-grade stainless steel produced in five elements through advanced CNC construction. The window into this mechanical masterpiece is a crystal produced from scratch-resistant and anti-reflective polycarbonate with bullet-proof durability.

The Tread 1 is powered by lithium polymer rechargeable cell that will run for up to two weeks on a single charge.”

All in all an impressive and interesting timepiece. But as mentioned above we are not so sure about the look. colette has it in stock now for 13’100 Euros (ca. 19’000 USD).

After the jump you will find further images and a video on the watch.

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