01. Hair Salon Defends Domestic Violence Ad, but Apologizes Too

“A hair salon in Edmonton, Alberta, is getting quite snippy this week following international outrage (OK, outrage in the U.S. and Canada) over a new ad that features a woman with a black eye getting a diamond necklace from her partner. “Look good in all you do,” says the ad for the Fluid salon—a somewhat ambiguous suggestion which, to its detractors, implies that it’s OK to get beaten up as long as your hair remains pretty (or judging by the photo, maybe just a little bushy on the sides). Advertisers in this situation usually cut and run, pull the ad and slink back off into obscurity. But store owner Sarah Cameron is playing by a different rule book. On Monday, she was indignant” (adweek)

02. World’s Oldest Person Found Thriving in the Amazon
“While the Amazon rainforest is certainly known to be teeming with life, it turns out that the people who live there are too. Maria Lucimar Pereira, an indigenous Amazonian belonging to the Kaxinawá tribe of western Brazil, will soon be celebrating her birthday — her 121st birthday, to be exact. The truth behind Pereira’s remarkable longevity was recently discovered by the Brazilian government while performing a routine review of birth records — which, in her case, date back to 1890 — making her the world’s oldest living person. And the best part of all? Pereira credits her long-life to an all-natural diet derived wholly from the Amazon.” (treehugger)

03. iVictrola

“We’ve seen our fair share of non-electronic sound amplifiers, but never one this… grand. The iVictrola ($985) merges an antique Magnavox phonograph horn with two pieces of American walnut along with your iPad to create what’s basically a giant megaphone for its normally not-that-loud speaker, filling your space with sound without using a drop of electricity. Available this November in limited numbers.” (uncrate)

04. Fake Iraq Applestore

“This bodes well for Iraq’s post-war recovery: the once-and-kind-of-still-ravaged nation is now doing well enough to boast counterfeit haute electronics stores in its malls. This one looks a little… off, though.” (gizmodo)

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